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Save Microsoft Outlook OST Files and Restore to PST

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So this is the best way to get this done

First of all...

Go to C:/Users/InsertYourFolder/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook/

Make sure you can see your hidden files by going to the top of your screen - Select View - and then Check the box that says Hidden Items - Otherwise you won't see your OST files.

Now find the file you want to copy

Click on the file and copy

Then paste it in whatever folder you want.

I put mine in c:/documents/outlook files/ (Put in whatever folder you want to have your backups - This may take a few minutes especially if it's a large file.

Now you will want to save that file to a USB thumb drive or removable media. 

Now eject the thumb drive from laptop

Then take it to your desktop to restore it there.

I am doing it like this because there was no other way for me to restore Microsoft OutlookOST files that I had saved.

Okay so I again,I have Microsoft 365. You may have another version of Outlook. This is if you have OST files that you need to restore.

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Back up your OST files on Microsoft Outlook 365  or Outlook and then restore into a PST file.


I'm going to show you how to save your OST file and then restore the file to a PST file.  This is helpful in the event your computer crashes or if you have access to them on another computer. Also, useful in the event you upgrade.

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Video of how to make a copy

Here is a video of how to do it.

Save Your Outlook Files in OST

This is where you will learn how to make a copy of your OST files. This will protect you in the event your computer ever crashes or your email just disappears for no reason. You should always have a backup or copy.

How to do it

This will show you step by step

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